Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Week of running done

Jaymie's final marks are in for her first semester Grade 10.
She earned a 89.7% average!!!!! Amazing such a smart girl could come from me!
Well another week of running wraps up. Had some good runs. Uncle Mike and I ran on Saturday, it was his step back week...only 5 miles. We pushed those 5 miles though, we were huffing and puffing creating a new fastest time for Mike 9:01 minute miles. Pretty fast for having to push 200+ lbses.

I was fortunate enough to travel up to Coboconk,On. to visit some friends of ours. I ended up running Monday morning. It was a beautiful place to run. I ran down this isolate road to Indian point along the Balsam Lake. I had to walk a bit cause of the snow pack roads...actually got a couple of minor blisters. Very tranquil setting, it was sunny and it just snowed the night before so the bush was amazing. Very hilly, good training run for me.
Northern Ontario does not like technology. When I went for my run my Ipod went on the fritz and would not work..then about
00:04:48 into my run my GPS watch froze up on me none of the buttons would work the screen just locked up on me. Funny thing is when we got home I checked both of them...they now are working perfectly. Somehow I think it was a sign that I should just go out, run, and enjoy the scenery without my gadgets. Again it was kinda nice without those distractions.

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