Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ottawa, here we come.

Today was our last long run before our Marathon. Mike did 8 miles I did 14. We ran at a pretty strong pace most of the run. We ran the first couple of miles @ 8:00ish minute miles. After the 2nd mile I asked Mike if he thought he could keep the pace up for 26 miles? Needless to say we had a drink break at mile 3 and settled in to 9:00 minute miles.
We both felt great which is perfect going into our last week confident, and strong. At mile 12 I actually threw in a few fartleks just to pass the time. I'm on Vacation until June so I should be well rested for next weekend.
If you want to see how we are doing goto Live race results I'm Bib # 1183 and Uncle Mike is Bib # 2238.


Shelley said...

I would love to see Ottawa some day...answer to your question about running on Caille..nope. Me and my friend Maria rode at 7 am to Chatham and back..we had a very windy and cold ride....

ali said...

I've heard great things about ottawa, I think you might get lucky with the weather! Thanks for the bib numbers, I'll be watching.