Sunday, May 6, 2007

Stroller Rides

Joey got up with me Friday and this morning for my runs. Friday was supposed to be a 10 mile run but we had time restraints and it was too much fun watching the "diggers" at the local construction site. I figure the extra weight pushing the stroller made up for the lost miles.
This morning though was a different story. He was with me for about 10.5 miles and then his Mom came and picked him up so I could run stroller free for the other half of my run. The wind was howling today. Not bad on the way out but on the way back it seemed I was standing still when it gusted. Between that, pushing the stroller for the first half all of it's minor adjustments (the front wheel pulls to the left) and feeding Joey Jellybeans every mile or so my time was pretty good.
Saturday morning was spent riding my Bike beside Uncle Mike on his 20Miler. He seemed steady and strong.

I'm getting really excited to go run Ottawa again. Only 3 weeks to go!!!

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