Friday, June 29, 2007

And so it begins...

Training for the 30th running of the Detroit International Marathon.

I'll be using;

I will be using the 3:30 marathon finish time as my goal. Tuesday will be my first run. The week goes as follows;

Monday: XT ( I think I will ride my Bike to the lake and swim)

Tuesday: 10-20 minute warm up /3X1600m @6:41 (1minute rest btween)/ 10 minute cool down

Wednesday: XT (biking 40-50minutes)

Thursday: 6mile run 2 easy/ 2 @7:14 per mile /2 easy

Friday: REST

Saturday: 13 miles@ 8:3o/mile

Sunday: Optional XT or rest (most likely bike)

The mileage seems short to me but the XT makes up for the missed miles. It is also shorter because it is only 16 weeks. Considering it will be my second marathon this year I figures I would take it easy on me and run less/ run faster LOL.

Seems that the "intensity" will be challenging.

This time I will hopefully be able to post more pics and details. I still have a picture of me when I started running again last December somewhere and would like to do the "how'd ya like me now poses!"

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