Sunday, October 21, 2007

Detroit Re-cap

Hmmm where to start...maybe the start. Made it across the border in about 15 minutes which is pretty good. Came up Randolph street and found a parking spot within a block of the tunnel which was awesome. It was about a .5 mile walk to the Start which was pretty difficult with the jogging stroller. Becca,Jacob and Joey ran the 5km race Joey had the best seat though.

I was placed into corral "B" which was 3:15 to 3:45 I think. After May's great race I figured I would keep up my training which I didn't. Before May's race I was only going to run a 1/2 in Detroit but decided different and signed up to do the Full marathon a couple of days after Ottawa. I should of just ran the 1/2!
The beginning of the race was great. I didn't have to weave in and out of people at the start. I felt great and was running a reasonable 8:24ish pace I made it over the bridge with lots of energy left in the tank. My brother and his crew actually brought the Big Red truck to Riverside drive to cheer us on (there where 3 other ff's running in the race)then Mike, Leslie and Paige were at the front of the tunnel to cheer me and some other runners on.

The tunnel was fun it is quite a downhill and quite a steep uphill at the end. It was so dank and humid in there though it took alot of energy to finish that under water mile. A lot of people I talked to said that it was then that they started to fall apart. I was running an 8:40ish pace at the 1/2 so I was running pretty solid for another 3:45 to 3:50 Marathon. I was telling myself at 1/2 way mark that I should turn off the with the 1/2 people but resisted. Just past the half mark Becca and the kids were standing there so I stopped for hugs and to congratulate them on the 5km run. Jacob looked so proud to be wearing his medal. Becca asked how I was feeling I exclaimed, like s@#t

At mile 17.4 I was still running under 9 minute miles but that is where the wheels fell of, literally.I didn't get any cramps, I didn't feel tight, I just couldn't run anymore. Most of Belle Isle I walked which was about 3 miles. This is were the socializing started though.

I met quite a few really nice people on the course. The crowd was very supportive! Every time someone especially the Women would say KEEP IT UP,YOU ARE LOOKING GREATI would respond SO Do YOU. There was the 21 year old who was misinformed and thought the race was next weekend and ran a 22miler a couple of days ago I ran/walked and talked to him for a couple of miles. Then there was Wil a Windsor cop who had some pretty serious cramps..I introduced myself cause his shirt said "Windsor Cops" on it and since I am a Firefighter I thought we'd have stuff to talk about and get my mind off of not running. He looked like he was in some pain so I stayed with him for a few miles.There was a lot of Misery to follow, by that I mean people with pulled hammies screaming and wincing in pain. Then there was a group of people huddled in a circle and the one guy was pumping up and down. Me always expecting the worst started making my way over to them thinking they were preforming CPR. Turns out it was just a flat tire on a bike and the guy was pumping it up. Last time I saw Wil was when I stopped at the port-a-potty, I'm not sure if I really had to go or I just wanted to sit down? When I came out he was gone. BTW he finished 2 minutes ahead of me!

Then I was a yo-yo run/walker annoying guy.I'd run stop walk.Pass the same people and repeat. I hate that. So I tried to slow my pace and just slow and steady finish this race. With about .5 of a mile to go Jacob came running out to finish the race with me. He ran beside, then ran ahead a little bit and ran backwards taunting me. I just had nothing left in the tank. We crossed the finish line hand and hand I can't wait to get the pictures. He then, being a recent pro helped me through the finish area. We stopped and got our picture taken both wearing our medals. At that point even the crappiest part of the run didn't matter I/we finished!


The jingle Bell 5km run at the end of November with Jacob then a bunch of rest before training for Ottawa again!

This time I will do all of my training, it sucked to know the reason I didn't do well was because I wasn't prepared! Plus I think I could still lose about 15 lbs!


Russ said...

good job in detroit...i think there were a lot of people missing wheels and with bears on their backs...i was also a yoyo...just didn't know what else to do..very frustrating when your legs won't do what your mind tells them.

KdoubleA said...

DUDE! Your race re-cap is eerily similar to mine. I felt great the first 13 miles, I did consider stopping at the half marathon because I could feel the wheels coming off, but I knew my family were going to be near the 16 mile marker (or so I thought) so I kept going. It was definitely a tale of two halves: my 13.1 split was 1:59 and my finish time was 4:56. I was most definitely walking and socializing the second half. I saw a guy light up a cigarette, a guy stop at Walgreens, and met a guy who I am pretty sure ended up cutting a corner or two between mile 22 and the end. I had an awesome time even though my time wasn't so great. I am glad to hear you had a pleasant time as well.

Ali said...

Congratulations Jeff!