Friday, February 29, 2008

I've been tagged...

Kona Shelley tagged me. I guess I have to write 7 random or weird things about myself.Then I have to tag 7 other ppl.

Here goes;

7 Things About Me

1./ This year will be my 10th anniversary of being married to my wonderful and beautiful wife Becca.

2./ I am deathly afraid of earwigs...but I can hold a spider in my hand no problem.

3./I was on Student Council for 2 years in High School(Parliament for us Canadians) "Minister of Internal Affairs" man that title fit me to a tee!

4./ I am a procrastinator.

5./ I am planning my mid life crisis... more to come on that. It begins in 2011!

6./ I am very afraid of drowning...doesn't help with my swimming. Stems from a drunken incident while on vacation when I was 17ish and thought I could swim further than I could! I couldn't!

7./ I am finding myself more competitive these days than I have ever been ... watch out 35-39 age groupers 2008 will be my year! I will get 1st in age at least once this season!

Now for the tags...since I really don't like to bother ppl how about if you are reading my blog you are tagged! I will know cause I have my site meter!That should only be about 7 ppl! I will not force you to do it so don't hold back from commenting!

1 comment:

davegibb said...

I think you will have some competion in your age group. JMHO