Thursday, February 7, 2008

New game plan

I've been on Vacation for about a week now and have been narrowing down the goals I have for this season. Now that I know definitivly that I am going to to the Whirlpool Steelhead TriathlonI am rethinking running a Marathon in the Spring. For now I think I will run a 1/2 marathon and work on my speed alot instead of those grueling 20+milers in the spring.There are a few sprint disance Triathlons that I am going to enter early in June to get the taste of tri in my mouth.

The swimming seemingly is getting arms,legs and lungs are talking to eachother now. The Biking is non existant right now other than the recumbant Bike at work, and me drooling at my road bike.
The running is coming along well..but is going to change a bit now that I am not going to run a full Marathon this season.

The way I see it is if I work on my running speed this season, I will be in good shape to try and BQ next season.

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