Thursday, March 6, 2008

30 minute endurance swim

Today coach Jeff made Mike and I do our 30 minute swim to get our 100m endurance time "E1". I predicted since I am new to this swimming thing that I would/could do around 50 lengths in half and hour. Considering that the top swimmer in our group swam 84 I felt a bit slow swimming 51, Mike had better results and swam 53. I was almost right on!

It felt great. I was very suprised that there was minimal standing in the shallow end (to fix googles...Mike got ahead of me when I had an anxiety attack and had to stop for a bit) and I did not stop at all in the deep end. I really worked on my technique over that half hour trying to breathe bi-laterally, working on my stroke...most of all relaxing. It gave me quite a bit of confidence and I really am interested to see where I am going to be next month.

Hoepfully by August I'll get my times faster and be able to swim closer to my 1931.2128 meters...I only have to add 26 or so more lengths ;).

I wonder how I am going to be on my bike? If this weather ever breaks I might be able to find out. In the words of Kona Shelley
They are prdicting more snow for the week-end 10-12 more inches!


Shelley said...

CONGRATS!! That's great Jeff..remember when you couldn't swim ONE wait till August, you will be a fish..I just know these things!!
I can't wait to get a chance to ride with ya!!
NO MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davegibb said...

Great Job man, I wish I was there Tuesday to do that test. I'll have to get it done another time.