Friday, October 10, 2008

Living the life

Just enjoying the great weather. I have been getting my necessary runs in and will be running the 1/2 in Detroit next Sunday.

The runs have been good legs are feeling strong. I went to the pool a couple of times but just can't seem to get away from the open water. We went for a good 2km swim last Sunday in Rondeau and are planning to go in at Stop 26 on Saturday morning. I am actually enjoying the cooler water and am feeling much more confident.
Still looking at bikes. I think I am going to go with the Cervelo P2 Carbon Dura Ace edition. Just waiting and saving up $$$$. Should be there before the start of next season.
My bike to run is phenominal now. I have been practising and am feeling real natural coming into the run.
Eg. last night 1 Hour ride moderate pace then 5km in 24 minutes making it feel easy.
Talking about next season here are the unofficial plans for races.
Ottawa Marathon Full course

Belle River, Leamington, Loaring,Windsor and Rondeau Tri's.
Then to cap it off with Muskoka 70.3. Then the Full Detroit Marathon...expectations are to BQ in Detroit next October if I dont qualify in Ottawa!

My plan is to build up to doing a full Ironman withing the next 2 yearsand I've got to get Boston in Before I move up another age catagory.

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IronMin said...

When you are in Detroit, if you have time, you may want to swing by Bikesport in Dearborn and chat with Tom Demerly about bikes...he's huge in the tri community and his shop is known around the world. My husband used to work there when we lived in the Motor City. Good luck in the race! The half is great because you get to run the bridge & tunnel between Canada and the US and it is a cool experience.