Thursday, December 18, 2008

Week in review so far...

Hey what happened to that "I'm going to post everyday thing" ?

Well here are the stats for this week;
  1. Monday played 1.5 hours of hockey
  2. Tuesday tried to run 7 miles but only got 3.5 in on the shins and calves all the sudden tightend/cramped up. It has happend before on that same treadmill so...
  3. Wednesday did some stretching and played an hour of Hockey.
  4. Tonight I plan on running when my wife gets home... that won't be until late because she is going to the show with friends, I would just hate to have to run in SNOWMEGEDDON
Notice there is no swimming or biking...I have got to get to the pool!!! Maybe I'll ride tonight and then run in snow tomorrow????

1 comment:

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