Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ottawa to Hearst

First day of travel on the way out to the Yukon.
Pretty scenic route. We passed through a lot of little towns and cities that I have never seen of heard of. Not much stopping, other than for fuel and pee breaks (Maui included).

We had one major stop ... quite a necessity. Seems that the tire pressure looked low on the rear passenger side of the truck, we decided to monitor it, along with the fact that we hit a large pot hole and jumped off one of the mesh straps holding the vehicle on the trailer. We pulled off at the first gas station that had a air hose and put some air in. The outside tire had 115 psi and a very large chunk of rubber out of it and the inside tire looked find, but we couldn't get a good PSI readin kept say 15psi. As luck would have just then the area manager for Uhaul came in the same station so Mike went and chatted with him. He came over and gave it a look. He said the tire with the chunk out of it was fine but confirmed the inside had absolutely no air in it. W e are lucky we didn't loose that outside tire to the pothole or we would have been down shits creek without a paddle.

To make a long story short it is fixed now we lost about 125km of travelling ...we'll make it up today.

Time to get back on the road Again! I got lots of pictures ...even one of a beaver. I'll try to post them soon!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you needed some help from my Dad!