Sunday, April 26, 2009

Union Station

First visit to Union station. I thought it was really nice at first, but then had the unfortunate visit to the dirty restrooms - totally changed my mind about the place. At that the bathrooms were very cool, by cool I mean old and would have been a pleasure if clean.

I had 2 hours before my next train. The nice "train stewardess" from my Windsor train told me not to wait in line for the Ottawa train because the seatin was pre-arranged. So I started to wander a bit and ended up at the base of the CN tower. I have been there 2x previous and have never been up. There will be another chance in the future, it was very foggy and I was not going to pay $26 to go look down at fog. So I took a few pictures instead.

I headed back to Union Station, wandered around a bit more. Watched a couple in a photoshoot of some kind, and all of the ppl around trying not to get in there way but had to. Then it was off to Gate 25 train 44 to Ottawa. There I met a line of a couple hundred ppl. It was only 11:30 and the train didn't board until 11:45 so I found a comfy spot to sit and did just what the nice "train stewardess" said "Don't wait in line!"
I sat there while hundreds of ppl stood in line. After about 15 minutes I heard a guy say to his wife "look at that guy, all relaxed just sitting there..."
I smiled and let out a little chuckle.
Next thing you know the line was moving...slowly at first. I thought well I had better get up. I ended up being the last person in lineand made it to the train on time!
The trip to Ottawa was again uneventful,and quiet. Again I napped and read my Triathlete magazine.
Tomorrow will be a day of packing and getting ready for the 7 day ride to Whitehorse!

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