Thursday, August 26, 2010

Turning left!

It's been a crazy week. Just got back for Huntsville, Ontario. What a beautiful place that is. We stayed at a friends cottage which is right on Camp Lake. It is a 25km trip off of the major highway right into bush country. You can go across the lake and actuially enter the Algonquin Park boundary.

The first morning there Jack and I woke up early so I went for a swim across the lake and back, Jack followed in the paddle boat.

When it came to running there was seems like a mountain outside the door of the cottage called "Heart Attack Hill" a section about 800m that is at about 15-20% grade. I ran twice while I was there, the first run was 4 miles, which in Essex County terms would have been running in the mountains. The second run was 1.5 hours in the rain, it was great though I really had to work.
Coming home I have had a couple of runs, one on the tradmill Monday. Tuesday I took the day off due to being overtired and just needing a day off.

Lastnight I needed to get 11 miles in at about a 9 minute pace. Being a late run I decided to stick to home a bit so I decided to take every left hand turn I could. The only rule was having to stay in the boudries of the CP rail tracks, the Belle River, Lake St. Clair (easy one), and Duck creek. Actually part way through the run I decided to make another rule and that was I had to sprint on the way back from dead ends and cul de sacs. I can believe how far you can run doing this, I almost made the whole 11 miles by the time I got back to my house.

I have got to get a run in today, I have a Friday free of running and then resume Saturday morning. Since we are heading to Ottawa Saturday, I will be yet again doing some vacation running. It is really nice to have new scenery, helps pass the miles!

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