Sunday, August 15, 2010

A weekend of training

Exciting to say the least. Had to fit my runs in at funny times due to time restraints and actualy cut my Saturday run down to instead of 6miles.

Just to Share some information my Boston Qualifying time is 3:15:59. So in terms of miles that is 7:26 per mile for 26.2 miles. That is my race pace.

When I refer to my "Base" pace that is my average just getting in the miles pace that I run at(8:15/mile). I guess you could call them conditioning miles. When I refer to recovery miles that is a run I would do after a hard effort to get ready for my next hard effort run (9:00/mile) . Tempo runs are a hard effort usually at about my 10km race pace (6:46/mile)

So Saturday my run was supposed to be 6 miles 3 recovery pace and 3 race pace. I ended up doing it a little shorter (5.25miles) but got my 3 miles in at race pace.

Tonight (Sunday) I did 1:20 60minutes recovery and the last 20minutes at race pace. It was hard to get it done and I did end up a bit slower than race pace, but close. I think as the temperature drops towards the fall it will be alot easier to run these runs properly. Also I did this run at 10:30pm after a long day, a shitty dinner (but yummy) and a couple of drinks so I say "Bravo"

EDIt: ohh yeah I saw a shooting star tonight...I am running at this time everyday..I love shooting stars..maybe I should run naked>?

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