Saturday, June 18, 2011

Leamington tri

Looking back can't help but to think of the improvements I have made since 2009.
leamington tri 2009/2010 results
   2009 Swim; 21:13  2:50/100m
   2010 Swim; 14:14  1:54/100m
   2009 Bike; 42:19  28.4kph 
   2010 Bike; 38:26  31.2kph
   2009 Run;  29:25  5:53/km
   2010 Run;  24:45  4:57/km
This year I plan on blowing these times out of the water! 
Unfortunately my swim in Belle River this year was cursed once again the rest 
of my race was just ok. Anyone who has had a miserable swim could tell you the 
energy that you use struggling in the water just makes for a crappy result overall.
Plus I realized my flaw in BR was the lack of speed work I had been doing leading
up to the race because of the long moderate base training I have been doing for 
IMFLA and not changing it up before Belle River. I changed that in the last 2 weeks
 and did a lot of short hard efforts in preparation for leamington. 
I also got out in the open water a lot more and I am feeling more comfortable than
ever now.
It will take a much harder effort for me to place in my age group this time around
(got 2nd in my AG in Belle River)I am as ready as I can be. Going to take today off 
from a busy week of training and make sure I don't get myself dehydrated! 
If I am lucky 2011 will look like this 
  Swim 13:00 1:44/100m
  Bike 32:55 36.5kph
  Run  21:30 4:18/km

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