Monday, January 29, 2007

Resistance training with Billy Dog;

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I was sick most of the weekend. Saturday I started getting light headed with a headache and huge sinus pressure. Yes I finally caught what everyone else in the house had. My solution to this problem was drugs and as much sleep as possible. Woke up this morning a new man. Ready to take on the world ...sort of. I had my Dr.'s appointment @ 9:30 am he said that I was A-ok my blood pressure was 124/80 which in my books is great, Pulse 54 bpm...I won't bother you with the rest.I was able to get to the shop and solve my issues there rather quickly, back home by 2:00pm just enough time for a run.

Started off as an "I'll see what I feel like when I get out there" type of run and ended up as my weekly long run of 12 miles.Only problem being is I brought poor Billy along for the ride, and no water. About 4 miles into the run we stopped my Sister's house and she kindly gave me a bottle of water. Around mile 6 Billy started to slow down, to the point that he was almost the leash length behind me. I slowed my pace so at least he could keep up. It was Ironic that at this point we ran past a fire hydrant that was open and running...Billy was able to get his much needed drink of water and seemed abit revitalized. We continued and after Billy stopped for his much needed bowel movement (which occured on a not yet built on housing lot way away from where anyone would be walking)we continued quite nicely.

It wasn't until about 10 miles that he started to back off again and so the resistance training began...everytime I went to swing my left arm the leash went taunt and I had to pull Billy along (It wasn't to the point where I was wrenching his neck but enough that it broke my stride) We made it home and he has been a very lazy dog since...can't say I feel any different.

Well off to am I insane :insane:

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