Saturday, February 3, 2007

Uncle Mike runs farther than he ever has before

-16 degrees with a gusty 40 km/h wind made it feel like it was -26 degrees out there today. Me (on the left) with my thermal pants, my dry fit layers, balaclava, toque, gloves and bottle of Gatorade. Uncle Mike (on the right)with his Ski pants, sweat shirts and his ear gloves!!!! Uncle Mike says We're holding the tree's not holding us up! We had a good run, everyother street that is. We went east the wind was at our backs, we went west it was in our face. I don't know how uncle Mike did it without a balaclava or gloves.

It was nice of our wives to slave away and cook for us while we were running...and then the treat when Uncle Mike made us some yummy (yes I did say Yummy) Hot chocolate afterwards for dessert.Sorry to tell you mike we only burned 1000+ calories not 1600 :(

Darn GPS watch wouldn't work today, so no record of our run. First time this has happend, hopefully the last. It finally started working at mile 6.25 of our 7 mile run...thanks for the .75 of a mile of info...stupid watch!
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