Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Maybe next year

This year I moved up a class to qualify for The Boston Marathon 3:15:00 .
Tonight, eventhough it was my first run in a week I tried to run at my qualifying pace of 7:26ish/mile. I almost died. I only went 3.1 miles.Maybe next year. I will really have to work at getting stronger and faster to meet that goal. Impossible? Nope, I really think I can do it. Just not this year.
A positive note. I went to put on my oldest Nike dri-fit shirt on tonight. Usually skin tight and uncomfortable, seemed a little less tight and the watermelon shaped thingy right around where my stomache is seems to have flatten a bit. I'm not sure but Matthew M. had better watch out on the beach this summer, he may have some competition!

Just a thought. Last year at this time I was wondering if a young lady that was in a very serious house fire, whom frankly I didn't think had much of a chance in the world to survive pulled through despite the odds. Anne Culligan
This year my friends are in a similar situation. Station 4 crew
I believe that if people care, if people believe, if people pray anything is possible. My thoughts and prayers are with our brothers from Station 4.
Get well soon.

Juls; my thoughts and prayers are with you also.

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Janice said...

It's cool to have someone familiar with the Port Elgin area read my blog. If you know Port Elgin you'll also know that Chesley is neaby and is on the Saugeen River. It is a quaint town with the farm community around it being made up of many Mennonites. Horses & buggies are regularly seen in town and the surrounding area. I love it here a whole lot more than Port Elgin. Although I must say that MacGregor Park is beautiful.