Monday, March 12, 2007

13miles turns into 15?

I locked my van and waved goobye to it as I set out on my "long run" home from work. The weather has turned more spring like. The snow is all melted and all of the paths are clear. I ran 50% of this run on paved paths and the other on the gravel shoulders of the road to help with the impact. It was great not to have to wear my toque and I almost wore my shorts...maybe tomorrow.I stayed awake last night arranging all of my favorite songs onto a playlist on my Ipod then put it to shuffle turned out my Ipod knew what I needed to hear at different points in my run.
I side tracked myself a little bit and added a few miles by detouring to the "BIG HILL" and runnning up the face of it. It felt like a 90 degree slope. So out of breath I stopped at the peak and did some stretching. After that it was all great, seems the effort I put into the hill made everything else seem easier.
Turned out to be a great run, good motivation to keep at it. Sounds like I might be throwing another race into the works

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