Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Garmin lied to me.

Today Jacob my seven year old son came along on my run with me riding his bicycle. Winter has come back after Spring was flirting with us, 65oF yesterday 34oF today with the wind coming out of the North right off of the lake. We were only a mile into the run when Jake's legs were hurting and his face was frozen. So we turned around and I dropped him off at home. I figured I was done also, I really did not want to go back out into the cold. My wife had something to say about that and after I grabbed my Ipod I was out the door again.
I ran about 3 miles to warm up before my intervals. I got to the track and set my watch to 10 X 200m intervals with 200m rest between.I ran a little bit slower than balls-out but didn't really look at my watch. I just went by the nice little beep that prompt me to run. When I was done I went to review my laps and being a track guy when I was young I knew that 1:00 was a bit too slow for 200m. Darn-it watch, it's lying to me. Telling me untruths. How could it. I put so much trust into it... Seems I misunderstood my watch and ran when I was supposed to rest, and rested when I was supposed to run. I am sorry about the accusations.
Good times though. On the way home what I thought was a nice easy jog was actually 8:00/miles. It is amazing what your mind and body can do.

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ali said...

My garmin lies to me too ... they are sneaky!

Those couple days of spring like weather were blissful .... it's freezing here today.