Thursday, March 1, 2007

Please can I just do 3miles?

Woke up this morning around 3am itchy. Seems my hives have made a return dispite the benadryl I took. This time they came back with a vengance. All over even on my head. Bad enough that @ 5:45AM we were on our way to the E.R.. We waited there for a couple of hours and by the time I went in the hives had all but disappeared...benadryl finally kicked in. One good note the triage nurse took my BP 117/71 and my pulse 47. She even asked if I was an "AtHeLiTe" nobody has ever called me that before *smile*. The doctor said there was nothing he could do and my self prescribed full adult dose of benadryl was the right course to stay on. Suprisingly enough that wasn't the answer I was looking for so I made an emergency appointment with my family MD.So I slept between 9:00am until 11:00am my appointment was 11:15am.
When I woke up the hives were back, off to my friendly family MD. He checked me out and put me on a regiment of h1 and h2 antihystimines. I came home and went to sleep until 5:00pm, ate and then it was off to Jaymie girls guitar lessons. I sat in Tim Hortons (it is rrrrrroll up the rim to win time again)and re-read my Running Times looking at all of the fabulous places to do marathons, what to eat, how to run faster, how to get stronger....

Needless to say I have been banned from going on my 10 miler today, it is nice to have someone who cares about me but it sucks that I can't go running. I might be able to convince her that I can just go run 3 miles tonight. I am feeling anxious that my base training is going to suffer if I don't get out there and run...but if the alternative is that I pass out on the side of the road or my tongue swells up and I become asphyxiated and no one is around...not likely but I've never had hives before either. Blog

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