Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No run today

Feeling a bit blah (just look at my profile picture...nice hair). I am having an allergic reaction to something so I took some benadryl *blah*I will get it in tomorrow, anyway it puts me more inline with my schedule anyhow
10miles Thurs-
5miles Fri-+work(24hrs)-
10miles Sat-
rest Sunday-
5miles Mon+work (24hrs) -
18miles Tue.
It works out good because I put my recovery 5 mile runs on the days I work.

Funny thing I was looking for pictures of Belle River tonight on the web. Most of the pictures either show the marina, a person holding a muskie, or a picture of a person from a singles web site.
I think "MO" the Muskie, our great towns official mascot is single!
My opera blog
Juls, I hope everything is alright. Take care.


ali said...

Hope you are feeling better, I had a blah day yesterday too.

ff_jeff said...

Thanks Ali. Hope your doing better also. Just keep looking a Mat. I hope to look like him one day, once I breakout of my fat shell. LOL