Monday, February 26, 2007

Not a good way to start a run

Well Joey and I were up early today. We had our breakfast. Me a nice green salad and a very fruity smoothie with a banana, an apple, a cup of mixed berries, ground flax, cinamon, and enough apple juice to get it to mix up nicely. Joey a banana, some toast, and some apple juice. After that we woke Jacob up and got him ready for school. As soon as we shipped him out Joey and I were on our way.
17 miles
It started out fine I was feeling energetic and actually had a bounce in my step. Weather was Ok 34 degrees F wind 10 mph and cloudy. Then Joey's stroller started pulling to the left. After a couple of attempts to re-align the front wheel we were on our way again.
We did well along the lake road because we were actually running on the road. Everytime we ran upto a trail it was blocked by snow and we had to take quite a bit of care to manouver through. Just as we came to the area were there is just paved trail we were ( I was) very upset to see that it was not cleared. I know we had a winter storm yesterday but we didn't get any snow! So I had to resort to the busier road and just jumping on the path when I could. Then the straw that broke the camels back. Ahead I saw a guy on a tractor, I thought great they are actually clearing the my disappointment he was just sitting there on his cell phone. I know he saw me coming cause he looked up several times. Did he move out of the way? Nope me and Joey had to go up onto the road around him. I am really thinking of writing a strongly worded letter to the township about this.
So the long and short of it is that I was running/walking/avoiding snow and puddles all through the first half of my run. There at close to the 1/2 way point was my smiling wife with words of encouragement ready to load up the stroller and kid .She is so great always checking up on me and running to the store to get me my Gels!So with my soakers, tired legs, and less than impressive mile splits I ate my Gel then turned around.
It felt great. I stayed along the side of the road never venturing onto the paved trail. 3 miles later there was my wife. She brought me my other pair of shoes and some dry socks. But by that time I was feeling good, my feet felt dryish so I declined.(she always checks up on me just in case on my long runs) The rest of my run was great averaging 9 minute miles on the way home. When I finally saw the Belle River water tower I was happy. Only 3 miles to go. I was never so glad to finish a run! 02:45:15 Not bad considering all of the stops.
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