Saturday, February 24, 2007

10 Miles with Uncle Mike

Coming off of work this morning a bit tired from the always fun and exciting big city on a Friday night. From the elderly lady who didn't realize her stove was dirty on the bottom, to the drunk guy that side swiped the fire engine and then took off (luckily no one truck won). Plus working out with the "Crazy workout guy" I was a bit tapped.He says it was a "light" workout but I beg to differ.
We had to make time to run early because of Jacob's hockey...just means we couldn't go out for breakfast after our run. It started out chilly I think 15 degrees. It took a good mile to just warm up. The wind was at our face but it was good knowing that it would soon be at our backs and that the sun was bright and warming us up pretty quickly.We ran to the big hill to do a bit of hill training which was punishing but good. Stop a bit at the top to take in the scenerey, I wouldn't say breathtaking but it was a beautiful morning and where we live the only hills that exist are man made.
*** A thought...I've always thought I should buy a compact digital camera to take pictures on my runs. ***
Anyhow, it was fun to chat with Uncle Mike and get some good excercise at the same time.
Sounds like Monday will be the day for my 17 Miler wow...already 17 miles. Joey will be coming along, looks like the weather is getting better and I'll be able to pull the babyjogger out.
Mike I couldn't upload my Garmin watch today cause I forgot the charger thingy at work and I need it to connect it to my PC. But here are last weeks splits and this weeks!

lap 1 00:10:20      00:09:26
lap 2 00:09:57      00:09:45
lap 3 00:09:59      00:09:46
lap 4 00:10:00      00:09:34
lap 5 00:10:35      00:10:10
lap 6 00:09:44      00:09:53
lap 7 00:11:04      00:10:52(big hill)
lap 8 00:10:10      00:09:09
lap 9 00:10:18      00:09:52
lap10                    00:09:43
9 miles 01:32:08 10 miles 01:38:13


Juls said...

I actually DID buy a compact camera recently (with my B-day money) and I love to have it on my runs. These times of digital cameras are great - if it doesn't turn out - just delete it.

I put some serious mileage on my jogstroller. I loved it when the kids were small. I still remember strapping the camelback on the back - Ryan and I took turns sipping the water. Then we would run for a bit, stop at the playground to keep him happy, and then move on.

ff_jeff said...

I'm glad I'm not he only one. Sometimes there are things or sites I see on my runs that I wish I had a picture of. When I ran my 1/2 Mary in Detroit alot of people stopped at the top of the Ambassador bridge and took pictures...kinda cool.

My jogstroller is great, I like to take Joey at his nap time...he loves it and it is nice to have a break like stopping at the playground sometimes.I've always been the type to take in the sights and attractions on my runs not just to plough through them to get'er done.