Thursday, May 31, 2007

Feeling fine.

Well it has been 4 days since my 1st marathon of the season. I'm feeling pretty excellent about being in the "Sub 4 hour" club. I was looking at some 2005 averages and discovered that I am above average in Marathon finish times (3:53:17.0).

The average finish time for all males in 2005 was 4:32:08 which means until last week I was below average (4:33:34.4).

I still am feeling pretty high about breaking my PR by 40 minutes. Mostly I have been taking it easy, if you call taking it easy playing hockey Monday night (I held back as much as I could) , going for nice long strolls with Joey and doing a short recovery run last night.

I've decided that I may hold back on the "Ultra Marathoner" status until maybe next year. I think what I want to do is race a few 1/2 Marathons before Detroit to gain some more speed. That is what I was actually going to look up when I got online but I can't stay away from Bloggin.

If anyone knows of any good races around Southern Ontario/Michigan Area let me know!

How d'ya like my new Header? It's my first attempt so hold back on the criticism :)

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