Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Try a Triathlon?

I've been toying with the idea of adding swimming and biking to my running as crosstraining. The thing that I really like about running is the cost. A couple of pairs of shoes a year, a few race entry fees, some technical apparel and that's about it.

So far I do have a bike. It is however a mountain bike. I have priced out tires for the road and they come pretty cheap in comparison of buying a $700+ road bike. If I am going to ride any kind of mileage I'll have to get those clippy pedals which so far I have priced out at about $150 for shoes and everything. Then I'll have to get those fancy handle bars that make it look like you can take a nap while you are riding. I have know idea how much they'll cost.

I have gone out and bought myself a nice pair of goggles and plan to swim the lake so I'll probably need ear plugs $5.99 no biggy. Plus swimming in the murky waters of Lake St. Clair will be free no membership required.

Why not eh?


credito said...

i am thinking about some swiming classes, i love water :)

ff_jeff said...

Yeah that is another thing...I'm not a strong swimmer. I guess I will learn. The lake is not very deep!

Shelley said...

ANDDDDDDDD so it begins...this is exactly how I became an addict..:-))

ali said...

I went swimming the other day ... first time in a year. I figured it would be easy ... cause I'm a runner ... lol ... I got 5 laps in and was ready to call it a day.

Go for it, you'll do grea!

env11ca said...

Lake is shallow, watch for 'gators and jet-skis, (Armstrong now has one) road tires on the bike will help and i've got a set of clip-on aero- bars if you want to borrow them

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. EN maybe I'll take you up on the clip-on aero-bars. Be safe..I hear you might be the next assistant Cheif?

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