Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back to training

Mike and I are going up to Niagara Falls June 23rd for our half marathon. Needless to say training had to resume to get any respectable time. Although it was nice to have some time off of my feet it feels damn good to be running again. The race is pretty small, last year I think only 46 people ran the half. Should be fun.

I have been riding my bike and did some intervals last night. 6X400m w/400m rest(walked 100 jogged 300) @ 6:10 m/m pace. It felt really good to go fast again and noticed that the effort was not so bad.

I am really going to try to go out slowly in this race. In Ottawa I went out way too fast. I am going to try to go out for the first few miles @ 8:30 pace and then gradually kick it in from there until I get below 8:00 comfortably and finish with a 1:45:00 or better. Shouldn't be too hard I finished the half in 1:50:26 in Ottawa during my marathon.


ali said...

Good to have you back!

We are workout twins, I did 400s last night as well ... but not at that pace.

KdoubleA said...

Good Luck with your training! I'll keep my eyes peeled for that red shirt at the Detroit Marathon.

I know all about Detroit, I lived there from 1979-2006. I like to poke fun at the city because thats all that anyone does around here (Knoxville, TN). People who haven't been to Detroit don't know any better.

I'm going to link your blog to mine, because I do things like that.