Monday, July 23, 2007

week 14 done

I had an OK week of running. I got all oft he runs I needed in. I have to admit I am not a summer time runner. I actually enjoy the cold and running in the winter. Well maybe not the really cold days but when the temps are 50F and lower my system seems to work best. At least in the colder months you can add clothing. In the summer you have to wake up way too early or run way too late. We all have seen what happends when you get caught running naked!

I feel like I am starting all over again. The new shoes have helped alot. I made it through a 15 mile run yesterday with no blisters and my feet felt fine. Today I am taking a day of rest. I just have an hour of hockey tonight.

I now have a small digital camera to take with me on my runs. I have got to find a way to carry it though. So be expecting to see some action pictures in my posts from now on.


67merc said...

Such cute little boys!!!! They must take after their daddy! ;)

Tom said...

Just found your blog site and enjoy reading it. It's fun reading runners progress. Good luck getting ready for your races. Were you referring to Pfitzinger's book on Advance Marathoning? Great book. I post with another running friend, Amy, and we’ll look forward to reading more of your site and following your progress. Keep up the good running and posting! Tom

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