Thursday, August 9, 2007

Need motivation

Outside the air is thick like pea soup. I try to muster up the time and the energy to go for run. Lately though I have been lacking motivation. Maybe I should do a "thon" like Ali's "Julyathon"?

Imagine I was planning on running and running and running. I've been able to do some long runs and maybe just enough to keep up a "BASE". It's not too late for me. As well intentioned I was I have just let things slip. To tell you the truth if it was for my friend Joe I probably would not have even gotten out last week.

So here is my pledge (to myself). I solemnly swear I will get all of my runs in from now until October 22nd...unless of course there is an injury. If so then I am fully able to heal before returning back to the swearing. I will blog all of my projected runs as soon as I write them down on my calendar. I will sit down tonight and write them down from today until October 22nd. Then post the week by week schedule. I'll call it my "maraTHON plan" crazy I know, maybe not even realistic cause I'll tell ya this heat is killin me.

This is mile 5.5 from my house!
The paved trail runs from just before the railway crossing West and you can make it to the Ambassador Bridge approx. 18miles from this point. My house is East! This day was HOT around 93F and Humid! See how hazy it is... pea soup!

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