Friday, August 10, 2007

My "Mara-THON" plan

  1. Saturday Aug 11 5miles (recovery)
  2. Sunday Aug 12 15 miles (long run)
  3. Monday Aug 13 XT (bike)
  4. Tuesday Aug 14 8 miles 10X100m strides (General aerobic)
  5. Wednesday Aug 15 4 miles (recovery)
  6. Thursday Aug 16 11miles (medium long run)
  7. Friday Aug 17 Rest
  8. Saturday Aug 18 4miles (recovery)
  9. Sunday Aug 15 15 miles w/ 12 @ Marathon Pace

Sunday I will be running with a group of people I just started to run with last week. They are only going about 13 miles so I will have to venture off earlier and get the other 2 or so miles in before 6:30. I'll bring my camera and take pictures! :)

You know I could just go in and edit my post from yesterday and change my mistakes, but I should at least know the day of my next Marathon...I only missed it by a day it is on the 21st not the 22nd.

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