Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long run

Well got my long run in today. I started early and got 2.5miles in before meeting up with everyone else. I ran to Mac's and got a bottle of gatoraide. There were six of us this morning and we settled in to a comfortable pace right from the start. I found out right away that it wasn't necessary for me to run the extra miles this morning cause they were running 18 miles and things got mixed up in communication I thought they were only going 13. Didn't matter anyway cause "the guys" turned around @ 6.5 miles and the Women kept on running.

I felt good all the way through and was kinda happy to turn around at the 13 mile mark...the guys haven't been running as much and I was afraid of risking any kind of injury like the ITB problem I had last fall. I was the time guy with my trusty watch, I yelled out the 10 minute marks so we could walk for a minute. I'll tell you the 10 minutes goes by alot slower than the 1 minute walk period.

I'll have to find a solution for my camera! There wasn't enough room in my waist thingy to carry it...I'll have to get a bigger waist thingy I guess. The best part about the run was when we saw the albino squirrel. Jacob and I actually went on a ride last week hunting it down so I could take a picture of it. During my childhood there was always talk, folklore if you may about this albino squirrel that lives on the other side of town. I never believed it until I started running (in my 30's) and I have spotted it several times now but never have had a camera ready to snap it's picture.

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