Thursday, August 16, 2007

Who let the dogs out?

I take care of a friends dogs for him when he goes on vacation. It is exactly 5km/3.1miles from door to door. I always try to throw in a least one run to his house when I am taking care of his dogs. I like to make the run into 2 5km runs. I reset my watch and see if I can do the 2nd 5km faster. It never works in fact last night there was only a 20 second difference. I do not look at my watch while I am running these 2 runs to see how good I am at figuring out my pace...not too bad.

I am looking forward to my 11 mile run tonight I'm looking for a good 9 minute mile pace and I may push it a bit in the middle. The weather looks great for the next 10 days lows in the 50's and 60's perfect for me!

Here is Joey with his "Timmies" He has to have the cup. I always get a bottle of peach juice and pour it in a small cup for him. He also has a Timbit in his other hand.


ali said...

even the cups are addictive!

env11ca said...

running the last half faster than the first half is called a "negative split"
it's always good fun to see if you can do it.
Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out the mid point.
Just a line EN