Saturday, July 7, 2007

Week in review

Week #1 is all done. I managed to get all of my running and all of my crosstraining done. Except for the just didn't happen.
I've noticed a few issues;
  1. 1. I need new shoes...the ones I am wearing are worn out an it feels like I am running on bricks.
  2. 2. I may not be in as good of shape as I thought.
  3. 3. This training shedule is going to quite the killer.

The track workouts (Key Work out #1 :intervals)to me I find quite fun. I like running quick and the distances are quite short. I remember when I ran track. Mostly I ran 200M, 100M and was on the relay team. To have that speed back would be awesome.

The tempo run... (key workout #2) the best run of the week this week was tough but I did manage to finish it. Not quite at the 7:14 pace but pretty close. I ran late at night and that day I ate alot of junk and drank alot of pop.

The long run...(key workout #3)well As you can see by the picture the sun was beating down. I didn't realize how hot it could be @ 8:30 inthe morning. I wish I could have gotten out alot earlier to avoid it. I had to stop and walk a few times and I actually stopped to fill my water bottle, sit in the shade and stretch have way through. I did stop the watch during this time probably 5-8mins. This is really my first true long run in the heat this year. I have been very fortunate to have had great weather until now. It is not that it wasn't nice out but that sun just saps the strength out of me.

X-training I think was more fun than the running. I did about 50 miles of biking. On Wednesday I did canoeing I considered it crosstraing ... took my 2 little guys out and we were gone for about 2 and a half hours. I was the only one who paddled I got a few blisters on my hand and worked up a sweat so I am counting it! Last night I rode the stationary bike at work for and hour...I set it at a low speed and spun @ between 90-100RPMs a few times I ran it up to 160 for a minute.Then I stretched and did some "planking".

Tomorrow I have to bike into work...I left my van there this morning and ran home so I have and automatic forced workout tomorrow...and no stationary bike. That gets so boring even when you are leafing through the new Runners World Mag.

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ali said...

it's hot out there. I was thinking about your run this morning as I was doing mine in the heat.