Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I finally did it...

I've always felt like a hypocrite telling my son that he can't go riding his bike without a helmet. He has never gone out without it on, it's like wearing underwear. But from time to time he'll ask me why I don't wear one...I always said cause I'm big and you are small, lame I know. But lately I have been telling him that I am going to buy a helmet and wear it.

Today I bought one.

When I grew up I fell off my bike many serious head trauma. I had a friend however who died riding his bike when we were little. Folks said that he was hit so hard he flew up as high as the hydro wires...a bike helmet wouldn't have helped him I've always thought.
Now here I am responding to a 12 year old kid getting hit by a car and laying on the ground. First question I ask? Wear is your helmet?(he was ok)


Not anymore...I will wear my helmet even if all my friends laugh at me!

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