Tuesday, July 3, 2007

first run follies

To begin with I guess I should say at the moment I am a single Father of 2 very busy boys ages 7 and 2. My wife has left me to go shopping with her friend for 3 days at Birch Run, Michigan. She also stole my built in babysitter (my daughter Jaymie is 16). That plus my parents are gone up north presents an ability to run crisis. So I put Joey in his Baby Jogger and Jacob on his bike and we jogged on over to the local track which is seldom used and fenced in. I brought some sand toys for the boys to play in the long jump pits that are around the track.

It is only a mile to the track and since Jacob just about got hit by a car early on in the day I decided not to make our road journey any longer than it had to be. So we got to the track I got the boy settled in and I warmed up for about 15 more minutes doing strides, butt kicks, and high knee lifts.

Then came the 3 X 1600m intervals @ 6:40/mile. The first one I started out too fast I think I was super pumped to do them and was at 6:00 at about half way so I really had to slow my pace. The second one I started too slow but managed to finish right on target. The third was never completed because of wild 2 year old boy chasing me around the track. I had to stop at 800m and take the wild child home...it was getting close to bedtime.

So we cooled of with a nice mile home and that's officially the start to the new training program .

I am so totally going to be an elite athlete at the end of this!


ali said...

you are like an elite athlete with an entourage!

Happy first official day of training

67merc said...

Such dedication!!! Thanks for leaving out the part about Jake nearly getting hit when we spoke on the phone ;)

ff_jeff said...

Now I will have to sensor my blog...my wife is 67Merc.