Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I love this time of year

it is so great for running. I just can't take the summer heat. I think I need it to be 60F or less for me to perform at my best. Training for Detroit is finally coming along well. I don't think I will fair as well as I did in Ottawa but I hope to be in before the 4hr mark.

I did a lot of walking today. 5 km with my wife this morning,
then a nice long walk down to the marina after dinner with Jake, Joey and Billy dog. Billy helped me pull the wagon.

I'm hoping these long walks and bike riding help me with my endurance! I've been riding the recumbent bike for at least an hour everyday at work spinning @ level 4-6 @ 90+ RPM. My long run on Monday morning (16.5 miles)was great... I actually power walked about 1.5 miles cause I ran into a Lady I know and she was power walking. Still counts I hope. It kinda brought down my average pace but whose counting anyway?


Amanda said...

I too love running in the fall...except that means winter is coming and I am a total wuss about the cold! I actually prefer the heat of summer over the cold.

Dave Fleet said...

I love this time of year... my girlfriend's family is up on the Bruce Penninsula and the colours up there around thanksgiving are amazing. Can't wait!

On the other hand, I'm happy to wait for the snow... that can take as long as it likes to come...

Good work on the long run! That's quite the workout for a morning.



Tea said...

speaking of weather. we had a cold front move in last night, and the temps top at 60 today. I just wish today was a scheduled run!