Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jacobs B-day run

Was kind of a crazy morning. First of all Jacob woke up this morning around 4:00am and asked can I open my present now?"GO BACK TO BED! Shortly after Jacob went back to bed we hear a squeeky little voice D-a-d-d-y ...Joey go back to bed ! Then again @ 5:00am, 5:30am then finally Joey was up for the day and we turned on the T.V. @ 7:00am and tried to get a bit more sleep...but you know how it goes.

So I finally roll out of bed at 8:00 with Becca saying get up and go for your run...she thinks I've been making too many excuses not to run. I was out the door for a 10 miler by 9:00. It was kinda muggy and uncomfortable but 3.5 miles into it the skies opened up and the cold front moved through. I stopped for a while under a tree to avoid the rain and thought about turning around but then the words of my lovely wife rang through my ears... What if it rains on race day? I guess I'll keep going.
I made it to the 1/2 way point and just like clock work my wife pulls up in the van... So, want a ride home? Nope, what if it rains on race day? Snicker. Plus the storm had moved on by then.

So out come Jake and Joey. Jake on his bike and Joey in his stroller.
I think I look pretty well considering it was just pouring rain about 5 minutes before!

We had quite a journey back. First as we came up to the train tracks when the super fast 90KPH passenger train flew by. Then as we finished the 1st mile (6th for me) we spotted a Hawk in the dead ash tree.
Then as we came through "Right Away Lane" a private road along the lake we spotted the giant Grey floppy bunny. There used to be Giant White floppy bunnies there but I think they mated with the smaller gray bunnies and now there are just Giant Grey bunnies ...I dunno which way it went the little boy bunny found the Giant girl bunny or vice versa. Anyhow now there is just the Giant Grey Floppy bunnies. The Picture we took doesn't do it justice but believe me it is huge!
Then the hunt was on for the infamous albino squirrel. We spotted one but it alluded our camera.Then we spotted another not so camera shy Albino Squirrel we even got video.

I can't really say how long it took us to go 10 miles but I do know when I ran, I ran faster than a 9minute mile
and the last mile hovered between 7:00-7:10 I was trying to out run Jacob. Then the nice walk through the school yard home and continuing Jacob's 8th birthday celebrations (yes we kept him out of school). Off to lunch a KFC then Hockey @ 5:00pm and Ice cream and Brownie cake after hockey. Then Ice cream and cake again on Sunday!


67merc said...

Super Dad!

BTW you make me sound like a drill sargent, LOL!

Tea said...

wow--I hope my birthday is JUST like that!