Tuesday, October 9, 2007

17 Miles

You know it's not good when a firefighter says they've been busy lately. Along with the heat wave and working 48 hours out of the last 72 on the Holiday weekend we've been busy. House Fires and Medical Emergencies when it is 88+ degrees it's almost as exhausting as running 26.2 in the heat and humidity.Not to mention I've got this chesty thing. Flem, sore throat that kinda thing. Then throw a 17mile run in at the end.
I felt pretty good this AM the humidity subsided and it was much cooler out there. It was still 70 degrees but that break in the humidity was a bonus! At mile 1.5 I stopped @ stop 26 (Sandpoint beach) to stretch my achy legs out, cough up a few flem balls, and take a POWER GEL. After that I felt limber and the rest of the run went well. I stopped at Green Acres park in St. Clair and ran up the tobaggan Hill then came down.

Becca and Joey rode out on the bike and met me with about 3 miles to go. It was nice to talk for a while and get my mind off of thinking too much. I can't believe how much goes through my mind when I run. Even over the pounding beat of my Ipod I think about everything and anything from I wonder if Ali and Juls survived the Chicago heat to I wonder how I'll do in Detroit to trying not to think of anything and let the pounding of my feet hyponotize me and then I'll suddenly be home in the bath. It was great to have their company, it actually makes me feel sane.
On the ride to pick up the car from work you realize just how far 16 miles is. It is a long ride in the car. I'm starting to wonder about this running stuff, it is not normal to run this far is it? Here is the route I took.


The Laminator said...

Funny how driving 16 miles can sometimes seems longer than actually running it. Yeah, we're a bunch of freaks. Great blog. Best of luck in your marathon.

Tea said...

I was thinking the same thing! My son just asked me how far my race is in miles. I said, "from here to the mountains." at that point, I started wondering if this really is normal.