Monday, October 8, 2007


88 degrees by 10:00am were the reports. 1 dead and a least 40 in hospital. Hundreds DNF. Those hundreds probably made the right decision. Finishing the race is no where near as important as staying healthy. As much as it would suck right at the moment later on when you get your sanity back you can say with conviction that it was the right move! My friend ran this race last year with a 3:19 PB this year 3:51!
I went out for 4 miler this am it is 70 degrees and humid the air is thick, hard to breathe even today I would struggle to run 26.2.
Cheers to all of those who finished and Cheers to all of those who heeded the warnings and headed back after the 1/2 way point! It takes alot of courage to get to the Starting line.

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Tea said...

tough day. I'm still waiting to hear from two friends. I wasn't able to get in to the system for a bit yesterday.