Monday, November 26, 2007

New piece of equipment

It's Monday...weigh in time. I'm not sure I want to post this. As you can tell by my side bar there have been almost no runs as of late. To tell you the truth my "writing down" what I eat system has failed miserably. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am up to 194...I am not sure if this is because I have a new scale, maybe it is off of the other scale?
But I'll let you in on a few things in the last week I have eaten well...not well as in healthy, but well! Wednesday I had Fillet Minot, last night we had a Prime Rib Roast. The Fillet was only 8oz but the way the portions were decided for the Prime rib was a pound a person + 1/2 pound for shrinkage...hmmm wonder why I can't lose weight?
I am really happy that I have my own scale now. Now I can obsess and weigh myself at different times of the day, after runs etc. ,ohhh joy!

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Amanda said...

Oh the before runs, after runs, with clothes before bed, without clothes first thing in the morning...the fun you can have with the scale is endless.

:) Good luck