Thursday, November 22, 2007

Crummy day

Today was that not so busy day crummy day were I took my new to me bike to the store to have some new rubber, a seat and a seat post to which the seat must sit on, on. The people at the bike shop are very nice and very understanding. I really know now why bike cost soooo much. Every little piece of bike has a price range from $15 to $300. My opinion is that those few precious ounces aren't going to make enough of a difference for me, not right now anyhow. There are so many wild and crazy things there at the bike store that you can put on your bike. A bike computer, better bottle holders, a new wheel set, cranks, carbon fiber this carbon fiber that...I really am in over my head. I might as well have gone and spent $2000 on a bike cause I'll tell ya it costs just as much to get parts!

Now I think any chance that I had of riding before spring might be lost. It is in the shop until next week and that is going to seem forever. I should've pushed a bit harder to get one in the summer, now I can't stop thinking about how fast I will be out there tearing up the road...I still refuse to wear spandex though. There has to be something out there that is comfortable enough to ride with that looks somewhat less ,well you know. See this is why I will never win an Ironman I can't do the outfit. Not that I am this macho man that thinks guys are girly cause they wear that stuff..but me nope, I can't do it.

I was reading my Triathlon Canada magazine this morning and rushed to the computer, look at this they have a 70.3 in the Muskoka's , I love it up there...I am going to enter. I will have enough time to train for that it is in September 2008. I got online, denied. The race has been full up since October. Unless I want to take this camp that Lisa Bentley is putting on that includes entry in to the race the package is only $599 for 3 days...hmmm... it does include Saturday dinner and Sunday brunch.

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