Saturday, November 10, 2007

Speed Test

Tonight I went out with the sole purpose to see how I could do running 5km, kind of a test run. I don't think I ran full out but I was pretty tired by the end of the run. Keep in mind that I worked at the Hall on Monday and went directly from there to boat wrapping this AM and got home around 5:30PM.

It went quite well actually;

Fri Nov 09 10:15 PM

Running 3.10 Miles

Time: 00:22:30

Pace: 7:15 / Mi

I stopped and walked a few times just to catch my breath so I actually ran below 7:15 for some part of the run. I know I can run faster and given the adrenaline of race day etc. I'm sure I can knock another 30 sec + off of that time.
The part that puzzles me is that in my #1 Marathon of this season I ran my 1st 5km under 24 minutes and went on to run 23 more miles? Granted I came off the start quite quickly in Ottawa and had to slow down. Only running 3 miles and only taking off 1 1/2 minutes seems absurd? I think it is a mental thing, I have to get my head wrapped around running faster...and perhaps lose those pesky 15 lbs that are hanging in there.

Back to the weight loss thingy... I am now keeping track what I eat in a day, I'm actually thinking of making a "food log blog" seperate from this one but visable to me. I did well today. No doughnuts!


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I need to track my food as well my meal are okay it all the snacks I conveniently forget!