Saturday, January 26, 2008

The adventure continues

Swim class this morning 6:30-8:30am. Wore my new suit...should've worn it the day after I bought it. I've been feeling modest, I don't know if it is the roll of fat that hangs over the top of the suit or just the fact that I feel like I really needed to lose some weight and tone up before going out in public wearing anything skin tight! So today I wore made a big difference, I thought it couldn't make that much of a difference but it did. No drag, and I felt like I was more buoyant. I was slicing through that water like a sharp knife through butter! Or probably the better analogy a freighter through the Detroit river!

My runs having been coming along well..just haven't updated my log yet. Today is supposed to be a 7 mile run...hope I can fit it in, my wife is at a baby shower and the roads are crappy cause of the snow can't really take Joey out there in the stroller (safety reasons),I imagine she'll be home in time for me to get it in before going out tonight.

The thing I am really missing out on is riding. My Captain at work says he has an indoor trainer that I can borrow...I think I'll take him up on that offer.

Oh yeah...I've got a plan...I am going to run the Disney Goofy Marathon 2009...Just have to Iron a few things out. I hope I do that before it is full up!

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