Monday, January 21, 2008

Excercise in restraint...

This am I ran my long started out as being a 12 mile run. My "program" said to run it at my "base pace", Which is 9:00 minute miles. My restraint came in when I was running the miles @ 8:00 and 8:30 I had to slow myself down considering this is a "base run". I think the time for speed will come later on after I have said Base!
The route I picked, I picked because it is a familiar route along the lake. I started at my MIL's house because I was coming off of work and the wind was blowing out of the SouthWest and I was heading east. My Wife was going to work @ noon so it worked out perfect she drove me back to get my car! I also had a coffee and a good chat with my MIL before going out on my run.
It was a chilly 11F/-11C at the start but it was sunny. I made a few diversions during my run. The one stop I made was down memory lane. My Grandparent's used to live in a Village called St. Clair Beach until 1979. I was only 8 when they moved but I have a lot of really good memories of that place still. They lived right on the lake, my brother and I would spend countless hours fishing, swimming and boating there. My Grampa had a long dock and an old boat lift. We used to go run and jump off the end into the lake. About 4-5 houses down there is a path and some benches at the lake and it gives a great view of his old yard...the beach still looks the same and to my amazement the dock and old boat lift are still there today.
Overall a great long run and my bad calculations turned this 12 mile run into a 14 mile run...I guess it can't hurt. Good thing I showed some restraint and ran at my target pace!


Ali said...

That's my favourite part of long runs, going slow.

Well done

Serge said...

Wow after reading that I can't wait for my next long run. And you are right, restraint can be difficult, every run can't be like a Boston Qual.