Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just when you think...

you are going to stick to it. You are not going to miss a single run or swim, life gets in the way. Not that anything serious has happened. Not that anyone is sick. It is just the time passing way to quick, then you realize man it's been 3 days since I've done anything. It all started Thursday when I thought I hit snooze on the alarm clock @ 4:30. Next thing I know I hear Daaaaaad....Dad....Da da. I look at the clock 7:00, Joey is awake I slept right through swimming. The morning is busy getting Jacob off to school then we took Joey skating and of course since we were in the city then lunch. Becca heads off to work...Joey takes a nap ...Jake gets home from school...everyone is tired...bedtime...No run!

Friday is work day. I wake up late no time for a run in the AM and during the day I am sooooo busy at work no time to workout, before I knew it it was 9:00pm. Today I was late getting home in the morning,Becca had to take her Mom's car to the mechanic and then she was off to work. Usually I would throw Joey in the stroller and have Jake ride his bike but it is only 13F/-10C and Jakey would freeze out there.

I am going to have to plan my runs, I mean schedule them. Tomorrow I have to work but before work Jakey has Hockey @ 6:30am. So I'll have to make a plan to definitely hit the dreadmill and perhaps the bike. Monday morning sounds like the day I'll be putting in my long run 11 miles.

On the equipment note ...I bought some Speedo speed training fins for if I ever make it to the pool again!

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