Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Winter Running

Oh the joy of slushy, mushy, snowy, icy roads. Most of the roads were fine but there was this one area called "Right away lane" that is private and almost all the snow that fell this AM is still there along with some puddles. Of course I stepped in one.

I'm feeling very good out there I think this might be a banner year. A bit more effort and a very solid base I'll be a rockstar of the road. Training is coming along well...I just have to hit all of my miles, which has been hard but mostly I've been doing some running even on days that I find it hard to get the time.

This is a nervous part of the year for me. In the next month I have an increment coming up, which if I pass it I get a 10% pay increase. It consists of a Practical test..which will be getting broken in on a pumper in my station, a written test, and an Oral board consiting of some training people and Chief's. It is stressing me out, but I know my job well so I shouldn't have any worries!

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