Friday, February 1, 2008

Confirmed appointment

well next Thursday is it. The day I have been dreading for quite sometime. After Thursday I am going to have to take a week off of everything. No running, no swimming, no biking...just me a recliner and a bag of frozen pea's. I am a little anxious and a little relieved at the same time.

On Thursday the Doctor is going to be taking the seeds out of my mustard. Although I am a bit scared of a scalpal going anywhere near that region it is less invasive than what it would be for my wife plus she did give birth to our kids soooooo I decided I can take one for the team. FYI my original post contained detailed info included pictures about my procedure but I was edited and it was decided that it fell under the catagory of TMI.

Good News... My fins came in finally!!! Actually my 8 year old is wearing them in the bathtub as we speak. My caps came in also...I got one for me and one for Uncle Mike. We might be able to move up one lane in the pool cause of this? Imagine how aerodynamic we are now...we both got out of our bulky swim trunks and into our speedo Jammers now we have swim caps...and I with my speed training fins will be on top of the water! I can't believe I get this excited about swimming?

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