Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New gear..new gear!

I just got myself a wetsuit.

Should come in handy for those Triathlons I am planning on doing.

The open water swims in the spring will be much more enjoyable!

Those People over @ X-terra are really good to work with, they didn't get too upset about my 1000 email inquiries.
Helps when my Parents are near San Diego to pick it up for me!

I think I'll look pretty cool in it also.
Can't wait until the ice melts!

Now the only problem is...my Wife.
With all of this money flowing lately for Tri Stuff she's definitly going to go crazy in the spring with Mr. Truck.
Mr. Truck was the only thing my Wife asked for, for her 30th B-day!
How the hell am I gonna top that for her 40th?

She is a bit of a Motor head.

She is a contributing forum member of Fordification.com forums!
Do you have any questions about a 1967 Mercury Pickup truck, or Ford Pick-ups in general? Ask my Wife.
Do you have any Parts for a 1967-1972 Ford Pick up truck?
Let me know!
I am going to have to start to even things out a bit....that is how this all started!

1 comment:

Shelley said...

Wow..super nice suit..and yes you have to bring it to the pool and try it on you know...have to find out if it works and all that!! :-))