Thursday, February 14, 2008


Ahhh finally got out of the house today.Although getting up at 4:30am wasn't easy considering my lenghty sleep-ins lately. I was out of the house early and was actually able to grab a Timmies, go get gas, and make it to the change room with 10 minutes to spare.

Got to chat with Kona Shelley for a few minutes(about my new wetsuit).

I/We did our warmups - enter Uncle Mike 1/2 hour late! Then and easy 100 and to the 12 X 50 pulls 1 being the base 2&3 a bit faster then 4 breathe every 5-7 strokes. That is when it all fell apart. I did the first 2 and I was dying. I was trying to hit the same time or faster but was getting slower.

That is when coach Jeff noticed I have terrible form. He said I am lifting my chest up too high in the water causing drag therefore much more effort than is necessary. He had me float on my back for a few seconds...then do the dead man's float. Ok, I guess I can float now what? He wanted me to do the dead mans float and then start swimming...Revelation!!!! Holy crap I can't believe how much easier it was to swim "RELAXED"

I've been struggling all of this time. I was thinking there was something wrong with me, getting tired after 50 meters. Now that I can float and just basically pull myself along I might be a better swimmer.

We will see Saturday I guess!

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Shelley said...

You WILL be a better swimmer..seeee ...everytime you go you get one step ...ummm..stroke closer..keep it up!!!