Thursday, March 13, 2008

First longish ride on my bike

Most people might think it was crazy but I rode my bike this AM. I had to return a rented car so last night I packed my bike up into the trunk of the rental car. I figured after swimming I could just go to the rental place and then bike home.
I had to pack well and make sure I didn't have too much stuff so. All I would have is my backpack and my bike at the end. So fitting my pull buoy, fins, suit, towel, extra pair of shoes etc. was going to be a chore I had to bring the bare minimum.
Things forgotten...Garmin and sun glasses. Plus there was freezing rain earlier in the morning and the wind was gusty and strong out of the South which slowed me down alot. Did I mention that it was cold? -3C when I left the rental car place. Really I dressed well for the weather and the only problem I had was my freezing toes. Which is really a problem when the feet they are attached to are driving the ride.
Swimming was good. Not too many ppl in the pool today. I am feeling much better in the pool and can actually complete alot of what the coach prescribes now.
I biked around 25.5 in just over an hour which I thought was pretty good considering the conditions. First time ever using the "clippy pedals" pretty cool, although in the first block I almost went down but was able to get my foot out quick enough to avoid any embarassment!


davegibb said...

You're obviously out of your mind. Good for you though. I'm going to ride 25k tonight, on my trainer, watching TV, in the warmth.

Eliora said...

Good for people to know.